Dr. Frank Marascalco

April 14, 1923 - December 01, 2014
Rest in Peace


We are saddened to report that our former board member, Dr. Frank Marascalco, has passed.

Dr. Frank joined the board during the museum's pivotal transition from a part of the Carnegie Public Library to become a stand-alone institution in 1999. Dr. Frank served on the Museum's Board of Directors until 2012.

He first heard the blues while growing up in Grenada, Mississippi and instantly developed a love for the music and deep respect for the musicians. His first board duties were to help develop the educational offerings. He took his responsibilities seriously and even enrolled in the Arts & Education classes, where he honed his guitar skills and learned to play the music he loved.

A pillar of the community, Dr. Frank helped educate his patients about the significance of the museum to the community. He rarely missed a board meeting or a museum event and could often be found toe-tapping or even dancing a bit in the gallery.

Dr. Marascalco's unparalleled support for the museum is evident in our continued growth and success. The Museum is deeply honored that the Marascalco family has requested memorials be made to the Delta Blues Museum in his memory. Through these and other gifts, we hope to maintain his legacy and vision as we strive to carry on our educational mission.

Shelley Ritter, Director
Delta Blues Museum

To read Dr. Marascalco's obituary on-line click here.

If you wish to make a memorial in Dr. Marascalco's honor to the Museum, please click here.

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