Delta Blues Museum Video: Johnnie Billington

A True Delta Project and
Lucky Find Production

"Respect the Kid: A Tribute to Mister Johnnie"

Respect the Kid: A Tribute to Mister Johnnie

"Respect the kid, and the kid respect you."
- Johnnie Billington

Johnnie's father gave him an acoustic guitar which he learned to play the blues after listening daily to the King Biscuit Radio Show.

Throughout his lifetime, Johnnie was dedicated to the blues and the Delta youth, teaching them music, professionalism, and self-respect.

Mister Billington received numerous awards for his work with the Blues, including the Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Daniel Scarpati, Editor
Daniel Cowen, Director of Photography
Erickson Blakney & Lee Quinby, Producers
Lee Quinby, Director

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