Below the Surface Presents Signs at the Crossroads in Clarksdale, MS
While Preparing for Expedition Gaining Ground

Presentation will shed light on threats to the Mississippi River and explain what those implications mean for America’s environment, economy, and well-being.

Clarksdale, MS On February 6th 2010, at 11:00 AM at Carnegie Public Library Below the Surface, a group dedicated to water conservation, is giving a presentation titled, Signs at the Crossroads, Reflections on the Mississippi River.

If the Midwest is the Heartland, the Mississippi River is America’s pulse—it is also one our country’s most polluted rivers and the pollution it carries packs a significant blow to the ocean. Signs at the Crossroads will shed light on environmental threats, promote conservation efforts, explain ecosystem services of the river, and illustrate how a river’s journey to the sea can have a positive impact if given the chance.

The expedition team from Below the Surface will be in Clarksdale making final considerations for their endeavor down the Atchafalaya River, Gaining Ground. The main purpose of the Atchafalaya venture is to illustrate the resiliency of nature and the regenerative abilities of a river. They will be outfitted & guided with Clarksdale’s own, John Ruskey from the Quapaw Canoe Company. Below the Surface sought the services of Quapaw Canoe Company to aid them in their efforts of research & conservation based on Ruskey’s reputation.

One would be hard pressed to find a river that actually gets cleaner as it flows downstream. This unfortunate reality is why Below the Surface chose to investigate the Atchafalaya River. Not only does water quality appear to improve as the river makes its way through 1.4 million acres of swamp, the Atchafalaya Delta is one of the few areas along the Gulf Coast to be gaining ground. The name of this expedition is based on the ecosystem services provided by the Atchafalaya and it is also based on the progress Below the Surface is making as an organization which was founded in 2008.

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