Exhibit - Notes from the Mississippi Delta - Photographs by Nathan Miller

“R.L. Burnside (21 November – 1 September 2005), Holly Springs, 2002.”
Photo by Nathan Miller.
Exhibit Opening and Book Signing at Delta Blues Museum

The Delta Blues Museum invites the public to attend the opening reception for Notes from the Mississippi Delta -- featuring photographs by Nathan Miller, who will be signing his book of the same name (available for purchase in the museum gift shop). The exhibit opened at Monash Gallery in Melbourne and then traveled to Clarksdale for its American debut.

Nathan “Nattie” Miller is a photographer currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Photography is Nattie’s art form of choice and not his profession. He does not feel bound by any particular subject matter but enjoys exploring the roots of different societies and communities and investigating the background to artistic and cultural expressions.

According to Miller, “In general I like taking photographs of people in their natural environment. I find this interesting. The camera allows me to communicate with my subjects and it is my hope that those who view my pictures are able to share in this experience.”

Photographed between 2002 and 2007, images of legendary bluesmen, local barbershops, Sunday church gatherings, roadside memorials and elegant natural vistas in Notes from the Mississippi Delta portray a community and culture that Miller has deep respect and affinity with. Miller records his experiences in a range of extraordinary images that he describes as “visual notes of a traveler with a camera passing through.”

The exhibit is sponsored by the Mississippi Arts Commission, Shack Up Inn and Cotton Gin Inn and the Friends of the Delta Blues Museum.

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