Exhibit - "Blues, Booze & BBQ"

The Delta Blues Museum unveiled a new exhibit on March 4, 2010 featuring Michael Loyd Young's first book "Blues, Booze & BBQ". Michael's book chronicles 150 miles of famed Highway 61. Clarksdale, MS sits at the heart of Highway 61 and 49, which is also the location of Robert Johnson's famed "Cross Road Blues".

Considered the birthplace of the blues, Clarksdale, MS has been home to many blues legends such as Muddy Waters, Mississippi Slim, B.B. King, Charley Patton, Ike Turner and many others. The people of the Mississippi Delta continue to pass on their heritage and culture through the blues to future generations. Michael's photographs capture these bonds, whether being in a juke joint, invitations to private homes or just plain hanging out.

Photography has long been a large part of Michael's life. He began photographing when young and throughout the years has travelled to 21 different countries capturing and chronicling cultural symbols and their impact on the lives of the people he photographs. Michael's second book is currently in the works travelling from Texas to the Florida Everglades chronicling the hunting and fishing culture along the Gulf Coast.

The Delta Blues Museum is proud to have this new exhibit and is extremely grateful for Michael's graciousness in donating all proceeds from the sale of his book "Blues, Booze & BBQ" to the museum.

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